shoes without borders is a non-profit organization bringing donated shoes to developing countries

our founders

who we are

reece lopez

co founder+ president
ever since I was little, I have always donated books, toys, clothes, and shoes to my family in the Philippines. but I started to realize that I could do this on a broader level by allowing other people to create their own chapters of my organization. so in 2015, me and my sister, madison, began Shoes Without Borders with the hope that we can encourage others to take action and make their own chapter. we hope that by doing this, we can reach more people at a faster rate and collect as many shoes as we can!

madison lopez

co founder+ president
like reece said, i've always donated items to the philippines and i wanted to do more than just one box a year. i suggested we send a box every month but the more reece and i talked about it, we realized we could have other people making their own boxes too! we created Shoes Without Borders so that everyone we know and even don't know can send their own box of tons of shoes!