who we are

why we help

if you could change someone's life by taking one item from your life, would you? that's what the basis of shoes without borders is! we help others by donating a pair of shoes we know could be utilized better by someone else in need.

our history

it started with a realization that it is EASY to help others. all we have to do is go through our closets, find shoes we outgrew, don't love, or simply don't wear, and put them in a box! then, we get more people involved by encouraging them to create their own chapters and collecting even more shoes, and we're ready! we hope to send thousands of shoes to the children, men, and women in need!

meet the founders


we started Shoes Without Borders so that we could encourage others to take action by creating their own chapters. by doing this, we can get more people involved and collect even more shoes!

Founder& President

Reece Lopez

Founder& President

Madison Lopez

you can make a change

July 13, 2017

Getting boxes!

Today we went to Home Depot